September 28, 2015

Driving From The Age of 11?

Young drivers account for almost a quarter of all road accidents so why does one company put children behind the wheel of a car from the age of 11?

A lot of drivers would most likely be apprehensive about the idea of even letting anyone between the ages of 10 and 16 get near the steering wheel of their car. However, there are a number of programmes across the country offering off-road training for children aged 11-16.

A former off-road instructor in Leeds argues that the issue with the current UK driving test is that it contains no motorway tuition, no lessons how to drive on country roads, overtake safely, night time tuition. Essentially, if you’re lucky on your test and you have no upsets, after 40 minutes you are given free rein on the road, including country lanes and motorways.

The driving test is indeed outdated. There are plans to add a sat nav into the independent drive and other changes. However, major changes need to be made. For example, there ought to be a mixed amount of tuition, with hours of driving at night, on the motorway, rural roads and also some element of monitoring after you pass your test also.

In addition to this, giving youngsters early experience of driving is the best way to improve our roads. There are calls to see driving on the national curriculum.

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