September 24, 2015

14 Facts If You’ve Ever Failed Your Driving Test

If you’ve ever failed your driving test (especially if you have more than once) the following facts will most likely apply to you:

1. You think every examiner is out to get you.

2. You seem to be spending all your money on retests and driving lessons.

3. It’s always other road users’ fault.

4. Your eyesight becomes blurry.

5. You completely forget how to drive on test.

6. You don’t tell your friends, family or work when your next test is.

7. You wish people would stop saying ‘you’ll do better next time’.

8. You start to resent the friends with driving licences.

9. You grit your teeth when accepting lifts from others.

10. You watch other people’s driving like a hawk.

11. And then you realise they’ve already picked up bad habits since passing.

12. You feel embarrassed taking public transport.

13. You feel even more embarrassed when you have to show your green licence as ID.

14. You give up believing you’ll pass before your start your test.

As disheartening as it is to fail your test, the key is perseverance and staying calm despite the nerves.

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