January 3, 2012

It’s all Calm

There’s something a little different going into the New Year. Well, let us not exaggerate, there is a big difference. And what’s that? Well, there’s no snow of course. I’m the first to admit that i hated this time last year. I had made all of my New Year’s resolutions (not to be angry as much, stay calm), yet as soon as i walked out to the car facing a mountain of snow to battle against i lost all ambitions to be more like Deepak Chopra.

Even still, if it does snow and there’s a chance it may, follow the usual:

1) Always have an ice scraper in the car

2) Carry some de-icer, i much prefer this to using water which so many people do.

3) Have a blanket packed in the boot

4) Please think about making long car journeys – if you have to go and see a relative far away, pack enough clothes in case you need to camp out there for a while

5) Always, always always travel with a charged phone

6) Remember to have cash on you should you face any emergencies.

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