February 26, 2014

Speeding Fine On A Driving Lesson

A learner driver, 17-year-old Stacie Ralphes, was on a lesson in Weymouth, and was clocked travelling at 36mph through a 30mph zone. Stacie was shocked that she was liable for the incident rather than her driving instructor after receiving a speeding ticket from Dorset Police.

She was given the option of taking three penalty points or attending a driver awareness course. She opted for the driver awareness course but will have to fund the £110 course fee herself. She claims to have lost her confidence when driving through this and has said she does not want to go driving again after this fiasco.

Stacie and her mum are calling for awareness of learner drivers that they are liable for offences while on lessons.

Despite the disappointment expressed by Stacie, the law is clear that if a motoring offence is committed then the driver is liable for any penalty. It would be illegal for anyone other than the driver, including a driving instructor, to take the penalty.

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