January 24, 2014

Driving After 100

An East Midlands man has shown that good driving is all down to experience… by continuing to drive past the age of 100.

Dennis Garratt, from Uppingham in Rutland, has been driving for over seven decades, and has entered an elite group of less than 200 centenarians in the UK still driving past this landmark.

Dennis learnt to drive back in 1943 whilst serving as a Squadron Leader in the RAF in Italy during the Second World War, and learnt to drive in a small Army truck.

Mr Garratt also employed his newfound driving skills later in the war whilst serving in North Africa, the Middle East and the Sub-Sahara.

Mr Garratt has witnesses a variety of changes in motoring over the years, and despite having to renew his license every three years since being 70, he rejects claims that he is too old to drive, saying “Only I know how I feel and it’s up to me when I want to give up.”

Britannia would like to wish Mr Garratt a very happy future of driving!

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