January 25, 2013


The DVLA saw a new law come into effect on the 19th January that will allow 16 year olds to drive lightweight microcars

Teens that pass CBT Compulsory Basic Training, including theory and practical tests, will under the new laws be eligible to drive both mopeds and a quadricycles.

So what classes as a quadricycle? A vehicle that weighs less than 350kg and has a maximum speed of 28mph. This will bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe.

One manufacturer keen to sell to the UK is a French quadricycle firm called Aixam. Justin Bond, UK manager for Aixam Mega said: “People need to see it as an alternative to a moped, rather than comparing it to car.”

They don’t come cheap mind you and many 16 year olds will not be able to afford the £10,000 quadricycles. But this didn’t stop Jamie Coley, the UK’s first 16 year old to drive an Aixam under the new rules. He said: “I’ve seen people of any age that should not be on the road, and a 17 year old can be driving at 70 or 80mph whereas this is much slower.”

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