January 18, 2013


With flights cancelled, warnings on the news and hospitals on red alert, it can only mean one thing…snow!

I have had numerous phone calls today, with pupils asking if their lessons are still going ahead or if their driving test has been cancelled.

Although most test centres have closed and tests have been cancelled this is more due to allowing the pupil the best possible chance to pass. So any adverse weather conditions, poor lighting, or faulty car will be refused on the grounds it’s not fair on the pupil.

Yet what about driving lessons? As long as you are not a complete beginner needing to use the side roads which of course are very slippery, there is no reason why your driving lesson can’t go ahead.

Imagine you hold your full driving licence, have had your car a few months and you drive to work, when you finish its snowing and you need to drive home. Having never experienced driving in the snow will create problems for you, so let your instructor use this opportunity today to teach you how to drive safely in the snow.

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