October 2, 2008

Do not let Road Rage get the best of you…

Every motorist is aware that road rage is a problem on Britain’s roads and that because we are a heavily populated country; we are to share the road with many other vehicles very regularly.

There are many road aspects that can lead to a driver’s temper furring but it is vital to keep calm and not let the rage get the best of you.

The best thing to do to avoid road rage is to stay alert and to be prepared for silly and stupid mistakes from other drivers. If this occurs then let it happen, don’t let it get the best of you, keep calm and take deep breaths. Do not respond in temper back to a driver who has clearly lost theirs. Never use swearing gestures – this will only infuriate the driver further. 

If unfortunately an angry motorist is following you then it is off high importance that you do not drive to your home, workplace, family or friends houses. Ensure to drive to a police station or a crowded area. Also write down the vehicles make, model, colour and registration number and phone the Police.

Do not over use your car horn as even a polite horn can be misinterpreted by an aggressive motorist. Also ensure you do not tailgate in any situation, maintain a safe distance, this is a very common cause for accidents and is intensely infuriating for any driver.

If you combine all those pointers with ensuring a supply of fresh air, melodious music and a non alcoholic drink then you will be set to have a safer, pleasant journey.

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