October 10, 2008

Blind man arrested for drunk driving!

A blind man was fined 500 euros and attained a one-month sentence for drink driving and driving without a license in a French court on Friday.

The man who cannot be named for legal reasons was a 29-year-old blind journalist who was arrested after driving the vehicle with a passenger who was also drunk. The 52-year-old passenger received a five-month driving suspension and was given a one-month sentence.

The bizarre incident took place in the French town of Nancy. The pair was arrested after Police spotted a vehicle suspiciously moving at a very low speed and was zig zagging across the road.
When Police finally stopped the vehicle, they were very shocked to discover that the driver was blind and both him and passenger were twice drunk over the permitted level.

The blind man told the court that he had an urge to drive the car and the passenger who was the owner of the car allowed this to commence.

Adding that he was extremely happy whilst attempting to drive and that he was very concentrated on the road.

Apparently, the journalist had driven before and recounted his experience in a French regional paper.

The judge prosecuting told the two men that they were in no fit mind state to drive any vehicle and that there sentence in prison will allow them to reflect upon their silly actions.

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