February 4, 2009

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive driving prepares you for unexpected situations, if you master defensive driving you will improve your driving skills, learn to make calculated decisions and anticipate the potential risks when driving.

As a driver you must learn to anticipate hazardous situations you are about to enter, and avoid risks while driving vehicles in normal as well as adverse conditions. 3 top tips for defensive driving are:

  1. Be Alert – make sure you are focused on driving, check your mirrors, look ahead not just the car in front see if you are entering a potential hazardous situation and react early.
  2. Be Cool, Be Calm – If a driver cuts you up, beeps their horn, overtakes in an aggressive manner – let them. Keep calm and defensive.
  3.  Wear Your Seatbelt – Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing your seatbelt, no matter how short the journey is as the saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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