October 20, 2022

Debunking Myths About Black Box Insurance For Young Drivers

Telematics, also known as smart box or black box insurance policies, are a great way for young drivers to get cheaper first time driver cover for their cars.

Block box policies help insurance companies determine the premium on how you drive as an individual rather than going by how your peer group drives. Young drivers who consistently drive safely and always abiding the speed limits etc can benefit from discounts and look at getting cheaper insurance.

But unfortunately there is a lot of myths and misconceptions about what would happen if you get a black box installed in your car, so here we will help you debunk some common myths:

  • Will I Need To Get The Black Box Fitted By An Engineer? :

The black box fits easily inside of your windscreen, which you can easily do yourself. There is no need for expert knowledge as there is clear instructions of how and where to position it.

  • Once Its Fitted Will My Telematics Data Be Shared? :

Your telematics data will remain confidential between you and your insurer. Strict data protection laws prohibit car insurance providers from sharing information gathered about your driving with third parties, including rival insurers or any other companies. They also won’t hand over detail about your driving to the police unless they’re required to do so by law, such as if a police inquiry is launched following a serious crime or traffic accident.

    • If I Break The Speed Limit Will The Police Be Alerted? :

If you do break the speed limit you will receive negative driving scores which may consequentially impact on the cost of your next premium, but the police will definitely not be informed. If the police require that information they  must request it officially and back up there claim with a warrant type document. In extreme cases of speeding with black box insurance, where your speed is considered to be dangerous, insurers will usually get in touch to let you know that your speed is unacceptable

  • Does The Black Box Listen In On Conversations? :

The black box can hear you in your car if you press the claim notification button, but they will only want to listen into the car if you are in trouble or to help guide you through an accident scenario.

  • The Black Box Policy Will Prohibit Me? :

Some black box policies do put a curfew on night-time driving and a limit on your mileage. However there are some black box polices who do not, Adrian Flux black box doesn’t limit night time driving as he recognizes that some people need to drive at night for work etc.

  • If I Drive Fast Or Brake Aggressively Will My Premium Go Up? :

You won’t be penalised for one-off examples of poor driving but if you show a consistent record of it your renewal premium will rise, but on the other hand if you consistently drive safely on your record your premium will fall.

Frank at Britannia says: Black boxes are a great way for young drivers to save money on there insurance providing they drive safely and stick to the rules.