November 2, 2017

Dangerous Driver’s Car Rammed by Police in Colchester

A speeding driver whose car had to be rammed by police to end the chase will be sentenced this month. Colchester magistrates heard the 30-year-old man panicked when police started following him after checks flagged up no insurance for the Volkswagen Golf he was driving. After failing to stop, mobile patrol officers pursued the offending driver for five minutes through the Stanway area of Colchester.

According to the prosecuter, the offending driving was travelling at twice the speed limit. “Oncoming traffic swerved to avoid a head-on collision, which resulted in police having to make tactical contact with the car to stop him driving any further. When he was being cautioned, the offending driver repeatedly apologised.”

The Colchester builder, whose employer gave a character reference in court, admitted to dangerous driving without insurance or a valid test certificate, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and for failing to stop. Apparently he was late for work and in desperation drove a car which was not road ready.

Upon realising he was being pursued by police the driver panicked. Eventually he came to an abrupt halt, resulting in the police colliding into the back of his vehicle.

The man was granted unconditional bail until he appears at Ipswich Crown Court later this month for sentencing. Until then he is banned from driving.

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