October 4, 2017

Driving Into the Back of Another Vehicle

It can happen to anyone of us, particularly in stop-start traffic and/or if we become distracted while driving. If you go into the back of another vehicle, the first thing you should do make sure that no one (yourself included!) is hurt. Stay calm – crashing your car can be an alarming experience but losing you head will not achieve anything.

It is a legal requirement to stop if your vehicle has been damaged following a collision. Consider whether the area is hazardous – for example, did the accident occur on a blind bend or brow of a hill?

Having to exchange details with the other driver involved may be the last thing you feel like doing in view of the circumstances, but it is a legal requirement and will likely help protect you further down the line. Exchange as many details as possible, such as car registration numbers, contact telephone numbers, names and addresses, and any details of the registered keeper if different from the driver. If they are present, you’ll need to show the police your motor insurance documents. If you don’t have it with you, you will be required to take it to your local police station within seven days.

Safe driving from Britannia!