September 13, 2017

Speeding and the Consequences…

Speed cameras are in place for one reason; to promote safe driving thus potentially save lives. If you don’t respect the speed limit, it’s perhaps worth understanding the consequences or you may find yourself faced with a fine and three points on your licence that come with it, or worse – the injury and/or death of a pedestrian on your conscience.

Exceeding the speed limit, even by one extra mile per hour is illegal. If you’re flashed by a speed camera or pulled over by a police officer, you may be prosecuted, required to attend a speed-awareness course, (that you will be expected to pay for) or you may just be given a verbal warning – all dependant on how extreme the offence.

Just keep in mind that driving too fast when not permitted can potentially result in horrific consequences. Protect yourself and others by driving at the correct speed.

Safe driving from Britannia!