September 18, 2014

Clash Between RAC and DVLA over Tax Disc

The tax disc is set to be replaced by an electronic system on 1st October. This has caused a clash between RAC and DVLA. The RAC has claimed that the change will result in extra tax evasion amounting to about £167million a year.

They recently conducted a survey which suggested that 36% of motorists were unaware of the scrapping of the paper disc, whilst 47% did not know when the change was due to take effect. The poll also showed that 63% feared that there would be a rise in the number of untaxed cars on the road.

The DVLA, however, disagree saying that the new system will make vehicle tax easy to pay but hard to avoid. Oliver Morley, chief executive of the DVLA, argued that there was no requirement for a TV licence to be displayed in a window at home, but the system was still policed, so the same theory would hold for car tax.

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