June 24, 2010

Clamped As I Was Driving

A MUM told yesterday how she was clamped while DRIVING her car.
Jessie Martin, 31, pulled into the car park of a block of flats to turn round on a road.

But as she did so two vans screeched up and blocked her exit.
Two “scary-looking” hulks who jumped from the vans told her to turn off her engine. And when she did, they clamped her car.

Sobbing Jessie, who at first feared thieves were after her, said she was ordered to pay £120 to have the clamp released.
When she refused she was told a tow truck would have to be called, costing her £434.

Jessie said the LBS Enforcement team, who operate in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, pulled on identity badges only after they clamped her car.
She added: “I phoned the manager and he was really rude. He said, ‘You shouldn’t be parked there.’ I said I wasn’t parked, I was turning around. Then he hung up.”

Jessie’s roofer partner Michael Jenner, 39, said the couple, who have four kids, paid up with a credit card and cash meant for a daughter’s birthday. They will try to retrieve it via a small claims court.
Last month Jordan Hall, 19, was clamped as he turned in a garage forecourt in the same road.

LBS manager Marvin Sanz denied his men were laying in wait for drivers. He refused to comment on claims that the company owes £14,000 to drivers who won court judgements against them.

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