July 17, 2012

Always Be Alert

When you are driving you need to be alert all the time. Unfortunately, one of the things we see happening, time and time again, is that people lose focus after they have been driving for some time. It’s always better to be a confident driver than a nervous driver. A confident driver is ready and prepared for situations.


If you become a driver that looses their concentration after a while though, then is when accidents happen. We need to be alert and prepared. One must remember to look at their blind spots, use the right lights, change lanes effectively and be able to deal with other unruly road drivers. When you come across another road user who is acting irrational, ie. wanting to race you, remember it’s never worth it. It is best to stay calm and let them go on their way. If you think they are a hazard to other road users, then you should call the police when you are in a safe and convenient place.


Most of us can get a little relaxed when we are stuck in rush-hour traffic and exercising our use of clutch control. But remember that motorcyclists can come up by the side of you. So when you move off remember to check your mirrors. There could be an ambulance or police car that needs to get through. If so, stay calm and look where the place to move is.


Remember to always be alert when driving.


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