June 7, 2010


At present the practical driving test allows learners to be guided along the test routes and given instructions throughout the test. However, from early October this is set to change.

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) are looking to close the gap between those at driving test standard and those at post test standard and believe that introducing independent driving will help do this.

The test will include a 10 minute period where by the pupil must drive unassisted and will be asked to drive to a destination following traffic signs or drive following a series of verbal directions – prompt cards will be available.

Independent test routes are currently being designed and diagrams being produced.

But don’t panic, this does not mean you have to have the memory of an Elephant, if you get lost or take a wrong turning, you will not fail for this and the examiner will put you in the right direction.

It was initially feared that this new approach would mean a significant number of people failing the test but research has shown this not to be the case. It is hoped that those that do pass the test will have a bit of real life experience on the roads and be able to attack the roads on their own once they pass.

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