March 8, 2010


Traffic in and around Wimbledon in London came to a standstill last month when a van was shunted by a tram.

The driver of the van was shaken but not hurt however, passengers on the tram had to hold on tight to avoid injury.

Some passengers were thought to have seen the van in the trams pathway and said the accident was unavoidable.

It is not known why the accident happened and police are investigating the incident and collecting evidence.

Luckily the tram had just left Merton Park station so was travelling at a low speed, the driver of the van should thank his lucky stars.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “Unfortunately the tram line is very open and runs through residential areas. With just traffic lights in place to stop cars crossing the tram line it is extremely dangerous. Maybe barriers should be introduced like those at level crossings. However, in the mean time drivers should beware of the trams and follow the Highway Code; stay off the tram line if stuck in traffic and never jump a red light.”

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