April 4, 2019

Automatic Vs Manual Transmission???

Automatic Vs Manual Transmission???

Before embarking on driving lessons your first decision will be whether to learn in a manual or automatic car.

Its often thought its an easier option to learn in an automatic because there is no clutch or gears. But you must remember that you still will have all the other factors in learning how to drive in an automatic.

There has always been a great debate as to whether learning is easier in a manual or automatic car, some say manual is the only way and others stick by automatic.

Automatics have become more sophisticated and economical in recent years, as this has always put drivers off as they consumed more fuel and were more expensive to buy.

Advantages of driving a manual

Passing in a manual car entitles you to drive manual or automatic, if you wish to change to an automatic car then you can, however this only works one way as passing in an automatic you can only drive automatic and must retake tour practical test in a manual car should you wish to change transmission.

Manual cars use less fuel – when driven properly. A driver in full control of their manual car will know when to change gears as so to avoid the engine over revving and wasting fuel. It is recommended to change gear about 2000rpm in a Diesel, and 2500rpm in a petrol car.

Manual cars will help you staying more alert especially when taking driving lessons, there is so much more for you to focus on when driving a manual as you have the changing of the gears and clutch control to think about.

Advantages of driving an automatic transmission car

Most pupils that learn in an automatic will learn faster than those learning in a manual, they will have less to learn with no changing gears, biting point or clutch control to learn.

Automatics are generally the easiest to pass in, the pass rate is higher for automatic tests, due to having fewer attributes to meet in terms of clutch control and gear changes, so less chances to fail.

The most persuasive point as to learning in an automatic is its easier.

No gears, no bite point, no clutch control or the embarrassing situation of stalling as an automatic does all this for you, this can leave the driver more time to concentrate on the road.

The argument of manual or automatic will probably carry on, here at Britannia Driving School we have noticed a massive change in more and more pupils choosing to learn in an automatic it has really become popular.

Still unsure which to choose? Why not give Kerry a call take a driving lesson on either and go from there.