April 29, 2014

Automatic Vs Manual – The Great Debate

Since the dawn of time (it seems) the debate has raged on which is better – manual or automatic cars?

This argument seems to split driving lovers straight down the middle, with both sides taking a firm stance. And so they should – each point has its own advantages, but each also comes with problems too.

When it comes to learning to drive, an automatic is often suggested as the easier option – which is true. There is no clutch, therefore no clutch control, no gears, no stalling. However this does come with the limitation that passing your test in an automatic will only allow you to drive an automatic later in life (until finally passing in a manual car). For some, that is a fine choice.

Others will argue, vetoing this option in favour of the Manual counterpart. This may say, is “real driving”. Learning to control the clutch and gears like a pro takes time, effort and dedication, and so the reward is greater, giving a strong sense of satisfaction upon mastering the skill, as well as advantage of being able to drive both manual or geared cars in the future.

However long we debate this, we may never come to a conclusion. Both manual and automatic cars are driving after all, and everyone has their own personal tastes.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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