July 20, 2011


A woman from Cornwall has been given an 18 month driving ban, ordered to pay £500 and complete 18 hours of unpaid work when she was found guilty of killing a woman due to careless driving.

Ms Couch, aged 20 crashed her car into Ms Allen just 16 who was riding her moped in January 2010. Ms Allen died at the scene.

The prosecution told the court that Ms Couch has received numerous text messages just before the accident took place however, there was no evidence to suggest she had used the phone whilst driving.

Blame lay with the fact that she was driving at excessive speed and the car was not in the best condition before the accident occurred.

The media have been pushing drivers to ‘Think Bike Think Biker’. Campaigners are addressing the dangers of those who ride a bike (whether it be a push bike, motorcycle or moped). They have often used graphic images and direct headlines to remind car drivers to consider those more vulnerable road users. The key three points to remember are:

Check for bikes when changing lanes

Check for bikes when turning

Remember Motorcyclist might pass you on either side

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