December 27, 2011

A heartrending song and an appeal against drink-driving.

A poignant appeal or a sad cry! A feature film made by the students of Lewis School, Pengam, has been chosen as the Regional winner of all Wales Multi Media Competition. The film highlights the tragedy or aftermath of a death caused by drink-driving. The story is narrated in the form of a song. It is sung and written by Richard Morgan. He has taken a sensitive approach towards the issue. The most significant part is that he has been able to put emotions into words and do justice to it. It talks about the suffering and agony which one has to experience when someone dies in a fatal accident.

It brings our attention back to the primary question. It takes a fraction of a second to lose control and then eventually lose our life. Do we really become blind or ignorant for a moment? It seems to be an act of complete negligence on the part of driver. We start behaving as if nothing is going to happen to us. It is not a good way of looking at the situation when you are drunk. You can barely stand properly, let alone thinking about driving a vehicle. You should not drive after drinking. This is the golden rule.

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