August 30, 2012

Young Drivers.

The news is full of stories regarding young drivers. Stories about how they need to take more care, and how they need to driver slower, or unfortunately, talking of awful stories regarding fatal accidents.

The news, whether it be from the TV, radio or newspapers, is great medium, we all rely on the news. Yet, I don’t really see how much has changed by the news reporting on these trends. I believe to make a real change we need to be part of the solution. I believe, and I don’t for one moment think that this is the only solution or that this has not been tried. But I believe, that a key difference can be made when parents are in the car with their children and discussing safer driving and demonstrate safe driving. We all learn by example. We have to remind our kids that they don’t need to follow what their friends do. We must remind them about the fun driving experiences that they can have, but also the nightmares that they can encounter should they want to feel “cool.”

These are of course only ideas. We know that our kids have a mind of their own, but we have to try something.

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