February 2, 2012

Young Drivers to be more disciplined and careful from now on.

The new program is aiming at making young drivers stand committed to the rule-book guidelines. The ‘More 16 and More Drive’ program would offer three workshops on safety, maintenance and driving skills. The primary objective is to infuse a strong sense of ownership and responsibility in youngsters while driving on the roads. It is an interesting proposal as young people in Central Bedfordshire can learn a great deal of experience from the best in the industry. We can expect a better approach from young drivers now. Can’t we? The workshops are focused on bringing the experience and support of the family members into practice as well. They can also come up with different ideas to make their kids learn in the right manner.

It is a positive initiative. We often complain about the kind of immaturity or restlessness shown by young drivers. This is the time when we can enroll our sons and daughters to find a solution to it. A family or society should encourage it for all the right reasons. It educates young drivers to stay alert and active while driving. The underlying purpose is to spread a message of awareness.

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