June 15, 2011


Saudi Arabia will see women come out in force on Friday 17th June when they fight for their rights to be able to drive.

Currently there is no law banning women however, the interior ministry imposes regulations stipulating women should not drive and there are consequences if caught driving.

Female activists have started a campaign called Women2drive and ask that women take to the roads until a royal decree allowing women to drive is issued.

One women aged 32 found herself with a two week prison sentence when she posted a video of herself driving on the internet. Thousands of people petitioned for her release and Facebook pages were swarmed with messages.

Women are seeing some change, with the introduction of technologies such as radio and TV and education for girls. However, this has faced opposition from society and they still face many other constraints. Many of those that live in the Saudi society want to live in the modern world and are ready to embrace change.

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