October 25, 2010


For years there has been the debate as to who are the better drivers, men or women. However, it seems as though not only do men see themselves as better drivers but they are also scared of their partners driving.

Men think that women have a lack of concentration, brake too late, travel too fast, get too close to other cars and fail to signal correctly if at all.

Research has shown that more than 10% of men have been forced to grab the steering wheel from their partner as they had lost control and they did not feel safe.

Astonishingly one in five men said that when their partner is driving they are NEVER able to relax in the passenger seat. This has caused 20% of couples to argue about the quality of each other’s driving.

Yet women have just as much to say about men and their driving. They believe that men are risk takers, they speed and many choose not to wear a seatbelt. Women are often carrying passengers or small children so are thought to be more careful and considerate drivers.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “This debate is surrounded with gender stereotypes and considering there are so many factors to consider it is a question without a clear answer.

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