February 22, 2012


The stormy debate as to which sex is the better driver will never be fully resolved as there is no clear way to establish whether men or women are better drivers.

Men have always been thought to be the better driver however; one study has found that women take the lead when it comes to parking.

Up to 2,500 drivers were monitored across 700 NCP car parks across the country, within the space of a month. They checked 7 different components and women came out on top.

Women were said to be better at locating a parking space, they would typically reverse into the space and were better at lining the car up before starting the manoeuvre.

Men however, would typically pull forward into the bay and were less likely to reposition the car once it was in the space (the article did not mention whether the vehicle was positioned perfectly to start with though).

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Men and women all have their strengths and weaknesses, personally I think that we should all be treated as individuals and merit should be given based on our skills not our gender.”

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