May 18, 2015

Women Are The Better Drivers

Another survey has weighed in on driving’s battle of the sexes. Female drivers outscored males not only in in-car tests but also when observed anonymously using one of the UK’s busiest junctions – Hyde Park Corner.

But another part of the survey – from Privilege Insurance – found only 28% of women reckoned they were better drivers than men, with only 13% of men thinking women were superior behind the wheel.

A sample of 50 drivers faced in-car assessment while 200 were watched at Hyde Park Corner. Marked on 14 different aspects of driving, women scored 23.6 points out of a possible 30, while men managed to only score 19.8 points.

With regard to tailgating, 4% of women were found to commit the bad habit compared with 27% of men.

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