January 20, 2009

Winter Weather Driving Notes

January is a particularly bad month for motoring accidents, due to bad weather conditions causing heavier traffic volumes causing delays for commuters, there is a 68% increase in accidents then average claims.
Some general tips to help motorists stay accident-free during winter are:

  • Adapt your driving style, in poor weather conditions you need to be a more defensive driver giving yourself more space between vehicles and adjust your schedule for longer journey times
  • Try not to brake suddenly, as this can cause your car to skid and lose control. Make use of engine braking, if you do start to skid, turn into the skid to try and keep in control.
  • As you are de-icing your car, never leave it with the keys in the ignition or unattended as this is an invitation for thieves.
  • Make sure your are confident and calm, if you are unsure about your skills then it’s best not to get behind the wheel, seek further advice from one Britannia Driving Schools qualified driving instructors.

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