November 28, 2014

Why You Should Pay Attention When Driving

It is one of the most commonly heard phrases during one’s driving lessons: “You need to pay attention”.

But in this day and age of motoring mayhem, paying attention to the roads more is not just a method to try to help you pass your driving test faster, but potentially to save your life.

A lot of driving instructors will emphasise the importance of paying attention to road signs – which is true, after all they give you a lot of information when you’re behind the wheel, as to what to expect in the coming roads, or warning on what to watch out for. Although we here at Britannia would wager that they would 100% rather you keep your eyes on the traffic at all times, rather than road signs, if it has to be a choice.

This is because traffic is dynamic, and therefore dangerous. Many drivers are happy to pull out of junctions without due care, which outs yourself and all other road users at risk. So next time you are on your driving lesson, remember that really paying attention will make all of the difference.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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