April 7, 2009

Why Most Women Fail the Driving Test

Women learner drivers are much more vigilant about checking their mirrors than men, a study has found.
But it’s a different matter when it comes to reversing or turning. Unlike men, female drivers find mirror work is second nature. It is, of course, a vital safety requirement of the practical driving test.

Men are 10 per cent more likely to accumulate a mirror fault mark, failing to get to grips with driving backwards and executing a three-point-turn (turn in the road) will trip up 40 per cent more women than men.

Women learners, according to the study, have 51.9 hourly lessons compared to 36.2 for men – spending £1,141 against £790

The male test pass rate of 46 per cent is higher than women’s (40 per cent), while men need fewer hours to study for both the theory and practical driving test. Women take an average of 2.12 tests to pass, while men take 1.87 tests. The entire process from first lessons to test pass usually takes men about 12 months while women need 14.6 months on average.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “Men are better when it comes to learning to drive because they’re less risk averse. But women’s “safe” nature means that when they do get on the road, they tend to be much better drivers than their male counterparts.”

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