July 17, 2015

When to Manoeuvre?

When learning to drive, many pupils state that learning manoeuvres is the hardest part – And for many, that may be the case when compared to regular driving on roads with little or no practise at the more advanced parts of learning to drive.

However we feel that one of the common mistakes made when practising manoeuvres is a simple one; Trying too early. You see, there are four main manoeuvres that your examiner can potentially ask for on your driving test:

– The turn-in-the-road
– Reversing around a corner (to the left or right)
Parallel Parking
Bay Parking

And to master each of these requires a good level of control over the steering, clutch and brakes. However, this level of control is a skill not picked up overnight – Indeed, it takes many drivers months of lessons to master controlling the car – And so if you are attempting manoeuvres before you are fully ready, you are probably just wasting valuable lesson time.

Safe driving from Britannia!