August 27, 2013

When should I refuel my car?

Most drivers will only fill up their car when they absolutely have to; for many, the warning light is not warning enough, and they will continue to cruise around in their cars until they feel their motor could literally give up at any moment.

Many will argue against filling a tank up to the brim, as this adds unnecessary weight to a car and therefore a larger proportion of this fuel will be wasted. However take a second to consider if driving with next to nothing in your tank is healthy for your car or yourself too.

Research has shown that by driving with very little fuel in your car leads to sediment building up in the bottom of the tank. Over time this sediment amalgamates and can clog your fuel filter, leading to costly repairs. Too little fuel will also expose your fuel pump, which is intended to be submerged in fuel, which can lead to this overheating and again be very expensive to fix.

Also bear in mind that if your tank far too dry, this can ultimately lead to the brakes and power steering ceasing to function. Imagine that happening on a motorway…

Don’t take the risk. Keep a decent amount of fuel in your car at all times. You will be glad you did.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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