February 11, 2014

When Should I Do My Theory?

The Driving Theory Test is a part of the learning to drive process that is often overlooked by driving pupils who focus more on the ominous practical test. But without your Theory Test under your belt, you will not be able to sit the practical test at all, let alone become an accomplished driver.

The test is comprised of a multiple choice section and a hazard perception section. The multiple choice is often considered the more difficult part of the test, as some of this will be trick questions, so you will need some genuine knowledge of driving theory. Here you will need to answer a minimum of 43 correct answers out of a maximum of the 50 asked – so make sure you get revising.

The hazard perception will show you a series of 14 one-minute long clips from a driver’s point of view, where you will be required to select the hazards apparent in the video. Be careful though, too many wrong clicks and you will fail this section.

You will need to pass both parts of the test to be able to progress onto your practical test.

Most people would recommend allowing space of at least a month for revision before taking your theory test, if not longer. It is good practice to get your friends and family and even your driving instructor to quiz you on the Highway Code, to make sure you are up to scratch.

Good luck from Britannia!

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