August 8, 2017

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail?

If your brakes fail while you’re driving at any speed, it’s difficult not to panic – but the reason could be a lot less drastic than you realise. For instance, it could be that the brake pads are worn and/or your brake fluid is out, in which case you could try tapping on your brakes; this might eventually kick them back into gear.

If this fails, shift your car into neutral then attempt to manoeuvre into the right-hand lane, where you can eventually slow down. If you don’t have sufficient room to come to a stop, you should pull on the handbrake in one motion (as opposed to pumping it as this could lead to losing control of the car).

Worst case scenario, drive steadily into a stationary object – which yes, will do some damage to the exterior of your car – but at least you will reduce the chances of serious injury, colliding with pedestrians or other vehicles, or causing further damage to your engine. Always listen out for squeaky brakes and ideally have them replaced after every 50,000 miles.

Safe driving from Britannia!