May 22, 2012

We can’t just come to rely on our cars.

“To market, to market” they say, but how do you get to the market? Before you say, “car,” we want to point out all the other alternative ways to get to market. Cars are great, we love them, they’re helpful. We can pack them with our bags, throw in our shopping, be covered from the rain, be warm and get from door to door. But so many of us are dependent on our cars. With the rise in fuel prices it’s worth looking at alternative ways to travel. And there are alternative ways, there are many. We just need to have a gander and see what we can find.
Walking more, using buses, jumping on a bike and taking the metro are all alternative options to jumping in your car. These are all  things that can be used more often. Not only will you get a bit more exercise using these things, you will be making a positive impact on the environment too. It’s always nice doing our part to help the environment. It’s worth noting that you can always find times of busses and trams quite easily. You can either look online or phone up your local companies and check with them.
Let us know what you’re doing to help the environment.

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