May 29, 2012

Warm Weather

When the weather gets warmer it is more reason for us all to get more merrier. We light barbeques instead of lighting fires, we slip into shorts instead of long-johns, and we crack open a can of cold soda instead of switching on the kettle.

Driving in the warm weather though can have its effects. After working the whole day it can make us tired and drowsy. We must remember though, driving demands us to be alert all the time. At any moment an incident can happen and we need to able to handle it. We handle these situations when we are calm and prepared and feeling fresh. You can not, of  course, feel like this if you are tired and drowsy.

To help you stay alert during this weather, try and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated works wonders. If you live near other people that you work with consider doing a car pool. Check out what public transport is available to you and see what times the trains, trams and metros run. If you are driving ensure you allow fresh air into the car, have some energy drinks in your car and take a few minutes to prepare yourself for the journey.

The summer is a wonderful time but we must remember to keep safe and be alert when driving.


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