January 13, 2010


The rumours that spread about the new Volkswagen Polo not being suitable for test are untrue according to the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

Potential buyers and instructors were equally worried that they may experience trouble with the car.

It was the Hill Start Feature that was cause for concern, with many fearing that this would make the VW Polo unsuitable on test and the DIA received many quires regarding this.

The hill start feature allows the driver to have a few seconds delay when moving their foot from the footbrake to the accelerator on an uphill or downhill gradient.

However, the DIA and DSA squashed any concerns on the matter and state that cars fitted with the hill assist feature may be taken on test. More and more cars are being fitted with this feature as standard therefore, why should drivers not be allowed to us it on test if they can use it in their own car once they pass.

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