October 13, 2010


Children are vulnerable road users in all aspects. They will often open car doors without looking first, which not only puts them in danger but other road users as well.

You may find them walking in-between cars, making them difficult to notice.

Despite the presence of a lollypop lady or man (although we do not see as many as we used to), we should all slow down and drive taking extra care around schools.

It is often the parents of other school children that are the culprits, they are rushing to drop their children off or make it too work afterwards, without thinking of pedestrians and other vehicles.

There is no set age when a child should be allowed out alone, it is simply when you feel it is safe for them to do so and when they can interpret and use the Green Cross Code effectively.

Parents need to involve their children when they are both pedestrians and a passenger in a car. By asking your child whether it is safe to open their car door or safe to cross the road, they are learning by being actively involved and by being allowed to make decisions for themselves. In turn it will make them safer on our roads.

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