October 27, 2010


When you drive in the UK, the rules can be very different to other countries and it’s important to know where you stand.

It is important to establish whether your foreign licence allows you to drive in the UK and whether there are time restrictions. If you are entitled, there are a few simple rules to follow in order to drive safely and happily on UK roads.

First, take things slowly. Familiarise yourself with your surrounding and don’t rush into hiring or buying a vehicle whereby you will end up on a busy road or motorway.

Take a look at the Highway Code and make sure you understand the signs and symbols. Many of the rules are legal requirements and have repercussions for breaking them. However, the Highway Code is there to make the roads safe and to show solidarity among all road users.

Don’t copy other road users, whether their act is legal or not, it may not be safe. Use your own judgement as to what is safe for you, other road users and pedestrians. Be wary of narrow roads, one way routes and roads that require cars to give priority over on-coming traffic. If a sign tells a driver they have priority they WILL go.

Watch your speed. You will find speed limits posted and they will vary depending on the area and the road.

Finally be careful where you park your car. Yellow lines, loading bays, residential bays, and disabled bays are a no-no unless you are exempt. You must also check the rules and regulations in all car parks as no car park is the same. Some have restrictions in terms of how long you can stay there, some charge and others don’t and not all the bays may be there for public use.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “It all sounds very daunting but with a few refresher lessons from Britannia to familiarise yourself and build confidence, you should be out on the roads experiencing the UK to its full glory.”

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