September 14, 2011


The Court of Appeal have been handed a case where a civil servant who caused death by dangerous driving was only given a 16-month jail sentence which is thought to be too lenient.

Mr Warnock crashed into a car back in 2009 and killed the 20 year old driver instantly and seriously injured the passenger. He also found himself in hospital for a number of weeks after the accident.

One witness is claimed to have said “The noise (of the engine) was scary fast. It made me feel that something was going to happen”.  Gerry Simpson QC who is appealing the sentence on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions claimed that Mr Warnock was driving on the wrong side of the road before the accident occurred and this was an aggravating factor.

However, Mr Warnock’s barrister Adrian Colton told the court that he has completed the victim impact course in prison and enlisted for the restorative justice programme.

The courts reserved their decision and his barrister went on to say it’s unfortunate that on this one occasion a man of worth, and integrity made a error of judgment and acted out of character.

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