January 4, 2018

Vehicle Vandalism and Suggestions to Avoid it

The number of vehicles that fell victim to vandalism last year apparently increased by 10% when compared to the number of incidents recorded in 2013 – with England and Wales has experiencing a significant upsurge in criminal damage to vehicles, including smashed wing mirrors and slashed tyres.

The RAC Insurance director has labelled vandalism as one of the most frustrating crimes, warning that the true number of cases is probably much higher, with many drivers afraid to claim on their car insurance for fear of a premium rise. Others will simply not report such crimes to the police.

210,418 vehicles in total were reported to have been vandalised in 2016, with damage including broken windows, snapped windscreen wipers and deliberate scratches. According to reports, Greater Manchester Police has regrettably had to deal with the largest increase in reported cases, up by a staggering 37% over a three-year-period.

Should your vehicle fall victim to vandalism it is advisable to take pictures of the damage, contact the police and obtain a crime reference number to help with any subsequent insurance claim. To avoid the liklihood of your vehicle being vandalised, it is wise to park safely in well-lit or well populated areas, under a streetlight if in darkness or in view of CCTV.

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