February 27, 2019

VanGo: ‘Uber for Kids’

The second shift for working parents…

“I really love VanGo,” says Juana Gomez of Norwalk, a nanny with a 16-year-old daughter who often needs to be picked up from school while her mother is working. VanGo is a new Connecticut-based startup ridesharing operation that caters to teens and pre-teens. Is Gomez speaking as a user or an employee of VanGo? Actually, she’s both.

“My daughter often gets out early, and I didn’t have anyone to pick her up because I was working. I also needed a part-time job to earn a little more money. I was so happy to find a company that met both of my needs, and is really safe for our kids.” – NORWALK, Conn. – reference.

VanGo’s drivers are fingerprinted and background checked, and their driving records are checked and their references called. Even their cars are thoroughly vetted. Drivers also need to have at least three years of child-care experience.

It’s interesting that school bus drivers aren’t as thoroughly vetted.

Safe driving, from Britannia!