August 19, 2011


A 34 year old male from the Norwich area has been convicted after police caught him driving on a 70mph road whilst talking on one mobile and texting on another.

Mr Secker, did not appear to be holding the steering wheel, meaning he was found guilty of using a mobile phone whilst driving, not being in proper control of the vehicle and also having no insurance.

He has been banned from driving for 12 months, fined £150 and given 14 penalty points.

He states that he accepts he was in the wrong and will learn from his mistake.

Emily Smith at Britannia Driving School said “It’s not just using a mobile phone that is dangerous whilst driving but many other things like applying make-up, eating food, smoking etc can all cause devastation on our roads. Anything that involves you not having proper control over the vehicle is a crime in my eyes.”

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