March 24, 2015

Used Car Test Driving Tips

In the modern world, many of us will choose not to opt for a brand-new car straight from the forecourt, instead going for the much more financially friendly option of a used car.

However, whilst buying a previously-owned car does have its advantages, there are a few things you need to watch out for when taking your test drive:

– Take out Day Insurance. Most car dealers should have their own insurance policy, but if you are buying privately we strongly recommend taking out Day Insurance for yourself. Remember, the car is not brand new, and so there could be problems with it during your test drive.

– Treat it like a first driving lesson. You have never driven this car before, so you will not be used to the vehicle. Take a moment in the driving seat to adjust to the interior and get to grips with the feel of the car before pulling away.

– Check all of the controls. Start with a cold engine, and test the clutch, brakes, pedals, indicators, electrics, windscreen wipers, even the radio – You will only have a limited time in the car during your test drive, so you need to find any potential flaws with the car before you commit to a purchase.

Safe test driving from Britannia!

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