August 9, 2013

Test Drive Tips

Looking to upgrade your model? The best way to ensure that the your potential new car is perfect for you is to give it a test drive… but this would be useless if you did not know what you were looking for, or what possible dangers could lie ahead.

Here are Britannia’s top tips for Test Drives:

– Ensure you are insured. If you are buying from a dealer, their insurance will probably cover you, though it is always worth double-checking. However if you are buying from a private owner, always remember to give your insurers a call beforehand to see what extent you are covered to for a test drive. Should the worst happen and you have an accident behind the wheel in your potential new car, it will give you good peace of mind to know you are covered.

– Is it suited to your needs? Whilst most men would love a sleek new sports car, is this really feasible if you have a wife and children to taxi around constantly? Likewise, don’t go for a car that is too big either, as you will be wasting unnecessary fuel if you always drive alone. Give careful thought to what activities you are likely to use the car for, and consider is this vehicle is suitable.

– Keep a look-out for problems. Is the bonnet warm? This could mean the current owner is having problems starting it, and so has let the engine run for a while to avoid you finding this out before you buy. Check all the features: electrics, brakes, lights, air-con, tyres, seat-belts, glove-box, radio, everything – the last thing you want is to buy a new car and then have to fork out extra cash to fix issues that shouldn’t even be there!

– Don’t be afraid to say no. Many people find it hard to refuse a purchase after trying it out, and this is what often leads to problems in the future. Don’t buckle to pressure from the seller – if the car is not right for you, ask for another test drive, or just say no!

Happy driving from Britannia!

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