September 25, 2013

Unlicensed Driving Instructors Warning

The Metropolitan Police are warning learner drivers to check that instructors are properly qualified before taking lessons. A suspected illegal instructor is, on average, reported to the Driving Standards Agency each day.

Vasim Choudhary, a DSA fraud investigator, states the importance of ensuring the instructors are properly qualified otherwise they are ‘someone who might just teach you skills which are very limited’. The police also concerned since these unlicensed driving instructors may not have been through the obligatory criminal background checks.

In the past four years, 123 suspected illegal instructors have been arrested, of whom 39 were convicted. However, it is often hard to secure convictions due to lack of proof that the learner has made payment. Therefore, it is imperative that learners check that their instructor is licensed before getting into the car.

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