February 3, 2014

UK’s Worst Driving Instructor?

An instructor in West Yorkshire has been revealed as the worst driving instructor in the country. The instructor has only achieved a 15 per cent pass rate over a three-year-period whilst one of her students failed the test a staggering 27 times. Only 26 of the learners out of the 169 she had prepared for test passed.

Three other instructors were also revealed as being ranked amongst Britain’s top 12 worst driving instructors.

According to a DSA spokesman, ‘the pass rate of a driving instructor is no reflection of their teaching standard. Instructors may not have trained the candidate but only presented them for the test. Others focus on training candidates who have difficulty in learning to drive.’

Another possible reason for the low pass rates of these particular instructors is the area in which they teach, as it had been revealed earlier that this particular region is home to the worst learner drivers in the UK perhaps due to its narrow rural roads, bad surfaces and busy junctions.

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