January 24, 2011


Under the Road Traffic Act removing or interfering with site equipment including traffic cones and road signs could lead to an individual being fined up to £5000 and in some cases is punishable with a 6 month prison sentence.

It may seem funny to use a traffic cone as a hat or a megaphone but the consequences of removing that cone could be tremendous. Cones are there for a reason so by removing it you could potentially cause someone to have an accident.

It is not just members of the public that should take responsibility, but workers that block the road to carry out maintenance work. They are responsible for making sure that they provide adequate and safe access for cars and pedestrians and that any temporary road marking, cones or signs are clear and properly placed.

Yet cones are not always used legitimately, many people use them selfishly in order to reserve spaces for them to park. Quiet often they do not use the space all day which prevents other road users parking there.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Think before you remove equipment, it will be there for a reason and by you removing it could cause more problems than you anticipate.”

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